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Are you doing all the rehearsing you should?

As an actor, I know how important it is to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, before you get to perform in front of an audience. I’ve been involved in a good number of productions where, two weeks before the show, the cast really hasn’t felt ready to perform, but in every instance, we’ve got there in the end.

The key to a successful show is in the time spent rehearsing, but in Business, how much time is spent rehearsing in preparation to become successful.

I remember being told a story about shooting hoops. A group of people who had never played basketball were asked to each take 10 shots at the basketball hoop. As expected, the results weren’t that good!

The group was then split into 3.

The first group were sent away and told to go about their lives for the week.

The second group were kept behind and were told to practice on the basketball court, shooting as many hoops as they can to improve their statistics.

The third group were taken away from the court and told to practice – only in their mind – imagining shooting over and over again.

After a week, the 3 groups were bought together to shoot again. The results from the first group were very similar to the previous week. The second group, because of the practice, had dramatically improved their results. But the real surprise came from the third group. Even though they hadn’t actually touched a basketball in between, they significantly improved their results.

The act of rehearsing, even just in the mind, will have a dramatic improvement in your results. So many people in personal development circles talk about the power of visualisation, and yet too few people actually practice it.

Do not under-estimate the power of your subconscious. By regularly visualising, you are impressing upon your subconscious the results that you wish to achieve. And your performance will significantly improve.

Take some time every day to visualise the results you want in your life, and then enjoy the fruits of your mind rehearsal!


Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you ~ Zig Ziglar


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