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I’m currently in rehearsal for Offenbach’s ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’. The story revolves around the gods meddling in the lives of the mortals down on Thebes. This reminded me of the tale of Jupiter and Juno happily sat on a cloud, gazing down on the plight of mankind. Juno was particularly upset by a poor, hungry man, burdened by the weight of his troubled life.

“Jupiter darling” said Juno, “See that poor man? Be compassionate and help him. He is so poor, even his shoes are held together with string”.

“Juno my love” replied Jupiter “I would gladly help him, but I fear he is not ready to be helped.”

“Jupiter! How dreadful! You could easily send a sack of gold down for that poor man, and change his life forever”

“Ah! Now that is another thing entirely”, said Jupiter, and with a wave of his hand and an applause of thunder, a huge sack of gold coins appeared on the road where the poor man was walking. Upon seeing the sack in front of him, blocking his way, the poor man carefully picked his feet up and stepped over it, trying hard not to cause any further damage to his shoes.


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