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Be a good learner

Once formal education ends, too many people shy away from increasing their knowledge banks. Sadly, what they don’t know is the correlation in the more you learn, the more you inevitably earn.

If you want your business to be flexible enough to change and grow despite the turbulence of the markets, you must invest in a culture of learning for your employees.

I like to draw on my experience from my visit to In reception, they have a library of educational books – and visitors are actively encouraged to take a book home with them.

The staff are encouraged to promote books they have read and taken great value from. They even have discussion groups to help exploit the value gained from reading.

They are all excited about the new ideas that are born from the learning process, recognising that any change arising from education invariably makes their business stronger.

They recognise that they have knowledge gaps – deficiencies in their learning – and they actively seek to reduce them

They understand that what is written in books isn’t necessary the message, but that the thoughts generated from reading are the real value.

So are you learning as much as you could?  What stage of the Learning cycle are you currently at, and are you ready to move up to the next level?

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