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Dream Goal Plan ACTION

Dream Goal Plan Action

Today’s coaching tip is all about how to achieve those big dreams that you’ve always wanted to achieve. There are four parts to this:

Firstly, well, you need to have written down what those dreams are. If you ever get the chance, watch The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It’s a fantastic movie and it’s all about writing a list of those things you want to achieve before you die. There are all sorts of websites on the internet where you can write those lists or get inspiration for writing your own list, but do go out there and write a list of all the things that you want to achieve. Don’t worry about knowing how to achieve them, or when to achieve them; at this stage that really doesn’t matter, just go out there and write the list.

The next stage is to set some goals, and goals are just dreams with a deadline attached. You want a time-frame for achieving those goals, so whether it’s a five year deadline, whether it’s a three year deadline, a one year deadline, it doesn’t really matter, just break down what you want to achieve and put a time-frame into it.

After that you move down and you write a plan. This is where you plan how you’re going to achieve those goals. That plan is likely to be a ninety-day plan, those ninety-days breaking down into thirteen individual weeks, those thirteen weeks breaking down into seven individual days, those days breaking down into twenty-four individual hours, knowing how you’re going to achieve and what you’re going to do in that time-frame to take you towards your goals.

And finally, the fourth part is action: what actions are you going to take to help you deliver that plan today?

Now, for each of these four levels – dream and goal and plan and action – just rate yourself out of ten; mark yourself between one and ten, one being low, ten being really, really high. If you have a ‘Bucket List’ already, if you’ve written a hundred and one things to do before you die, that’s fantastic, mark yourself a ten out of ten. If you’ve then put some deadlines against those actions, again, into the goal section, it could be a ten out of ten! Next, have you got a plan? Do you have a plan for the next ninety days? Do you have a plan for next week? Do you have a plan for tomorrow? If you do, brilliant; if not, maybe it’s time to start writing a plan. And finally, what actions are you taking? Have you broken down your daily plan into the key actions that you need to take tomorrow? At the end of every night, you should write the top six actions that you want to take tomorrow. That way, overnight, your brain will begin to process the things that you need to do, and so in the morning you’ll be much more focused on what you need to achieve.

So, in each of those four areas you’ll have four numbers; multiply them together. You’ll have a number somewhere between one and ten thousand. The closer you are to ten thousand, the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to achieve those dreams. If you’ve got a low number, then that’s okay – it’s something that we need to work on; just give me a call – I’ll help you work on it.

That is all about how to achieve those big dreams.

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