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Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

4 Weeks and counting…  Here is the fourth instalment to planning your actions for maximum success as we enter 2013.

Average Annual Number of Transactions Per Client: The time to see an impact will vary greatly by the industry. Creative programs to ask clients back after the first transaction would have a quick impact on a restaurant, coffee shop, book store, grocery store, hair salon and other businesses where loyal clients visit frequently. A chiropractor might not see a measured increase for several months. The key to remember is that multiple transactions depend on the first experience going well! A 5% increase in client retention can result in a 25% to 125% increase in profit depending on the industry.

Here are some more ways to increase the average number of transactions:

  • Make your customers feel very special – deliver amazing service
  • Under promise and over deliver – always
  • Be consistent in what you do
  • Plan future purchases with your clients
  • Build relationships with your customers – let them know you care

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