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What will you do to change your results?

So here we are – 2013 has arrived, and with it comes renewed energy and enthusiasm, and for many, a vision of how it will be different from previous year. Some will even have New Year resolutions or goals in mind. But the real question to ask ourselves is why will the results change? Or, what will we do personally to change the results?

Here are a few simple suggestions to substantially increase the achievement of your goals in 2013.

1. Write Your Goals Down and Tell Someone/Everyone. Studies have consistently proven that written goals are far more likely to be achieved than the unwritten verbal goals, yet only 3% of people have written goals. Make them SMARTER goals – Specific, Measurable, ACHIEVEABLE, Realistic, Time Constrained, Enjoyable and Rewarding. Tell your friends about your goals so they can help hold you accountable! Accountability is key to achievement.

2. Allocate Your Time to Your Highest Value Tasks. We all get 24 hours a day, but everyone uses them differently. The key to productivity and achievement is to identify our highest value activities that drive the results we desire, and schedule those activities into our calendar daily. Firmly commit to this time and protect it fiercely from the seemingly “urgent but unimportant” interruptions that occur daily. Focus on these tasks without distraction until they are complete

5. Treat Each Day Like New Year’s Day! What would it be like if we brought the same commitment, energy, enthusiasm, vision and sense of purpose to each day that we bring into the New Year? Resolve to accomplish 3 important tasks each day that bring you closer to your goals. Put them on your Action List every day and schedule the time. These are the stepping stones to your goals. If you follow through on this commitment, you’ll be astounded at the results.

If you’re thinking these 3 tips are simple, you’re right. But simple doesn’t mean EASY. It is definitely not EASY to consistently do these 3 things, but the personal and professional results are well worth it.
Best wishes on making 2013 everything you envisioned it would be.

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