Shakespeare Got It Wrong!



One of the most quoted lines of Shakespeare is Hamlet’s:

“To be, or not to be? That is the question”.

Being” is very important – particularly in business.

Being the successful business person.
Being successful at sales and marketing.
Being a financial wizard.

Being” comes from the Philosophy we have for ourselves.  It’s our internal guidance system that can either push us towards success, or sabotage us into failure.

But just “Being” isn’t enough.

Perhaps Shakespeare forgot “To do or not to do?”  Without the action, achievement of success will remain elusive. There are just too many people who are very good at saying they’re going to do something, but never actually get round to actually doing it!

In truth you need both the “Be” and “Do” elements. Frank Sinatra knew this in the immortal song “Strangers in the Night”, which ends with Frank singing Do Be Do Be Do!

Having the things you really want in life requires both elements – and neither works well on its own.

In essence:

 Be  x  Do  =  Have

3 simple steps to put this into action:

 1.       Think of something you really want to HAVE. Be as specific as possible, and give yourself a realistic deadline by when you want it.

2.       List all the actions you need to DO in order to HAVE what you want.  Break these actions down into small, simple chunks.

3.       List the skills you will need to DO the actions. Then equip yourself with these skills.  This education will help you BE the right person.

Perhaps what Shakespeare meant to write was “Do Be, or not Do Be?”  Because THAT really would be an interesting question!

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