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I’m hoping that you, like me, had a fantastic Christmas (even if it is now a fast fading memory).

I took an extended break to spend as much time as I could with my family – My wife and eldest son (7) and twin boys (3).  As you can probably imagine, the boys were all super excited about the prospect of Father Christmas coming to visit them. This did however serve to give them even more energy than usual to run around and make lots of noise!

In truth, my wife and I were silently willing the holidays to finish so we could get some balance back into the household, and the boys could all get back to their normal routine.

Coming back to my office, refreshed, yet exhausted, I made the decision to ensure I would get better balance in 2015.

Scales1The term “work-life balance” has been bounded around for some years, yet for most people, it seems beyond their grasp (that is if they understand what it really is).

I once worked for a large firm, and the MD gave a rousing speech to all the employees in my office during which he said he didn’t believe in having a “work-life balance”, instead he thought we should all have a “life at work balance” – I don’t think he understood the concept!

In Simon Sinek’s current book “Leaders Eat Last”, he says that a work life balance isn’t about the number of hours we spend at work or at home, or the stress we suffer. 

Instead it is to do with where we feel safe.

If we work in an environment in which management tell the truth, people work for each other, and incentive schemes do what they are supposed to, the result is higher levels of trust and cooperation, where people can feel safe, and therefore feel better balance in their lives

I used to think that the more hours I could spend at home with my children the better the relationship I would have with them. Whilst I still think there is some truth to this, I have to balance my time at home, with the hours I am earning money to enable me to give them the best life I can.

A study by two researches at Boston College found that a child’s sense of wellbeing is affected more by the mood their parents are in when they come home, than by the lack of time they have with them. Now, whilst I won’t advocate working as many hours as possible so long as you are happy when you come home (after all we all know that money doesn’t buy happiness), I do think that everyone should aim for a balance in life which makes them happy to do what they are doing.

This year I will be taking more time to check that I either have good balance, or at least I am working toward it.

If you want to learn more about getting better balance in your life, I can thoroughly recommend Simon Sinek’s book – Leaders Eat Last.

If you would like a chat about the ways that you can get better results in your life in your journey for achieving a better work life balance, then do get in touch. I have coffee with business owners every week, at my expense, chatting through some ideas and strategies that could help push their business forward in 2015. Why not get in touch now and let’s have a discussion that just could change your life, your business and your results…

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