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How ironic…. Make sure you are well prepared if this happens to you



My first Blog post of 2015 was called “A Better Bit of Balance” and talked about getting good balance in your life….

It seemed somewhat ironic therefore that, in the last week of January, I lost mine altogether. A particularly nasty ear infection completely affected my own inner balance, and I found myself struggling to stand up for any period of time without the whole world spinning around me.

Now I’m not seeking any sympathy here (although anyone who has a similar condition has mine). Rather, I want to talk about the impact that being ill can have, and how to properly Team1prepare for it.

No one likes getting ill, let alone the forced rest that comes with it, and getting back to full health takes priority. But then what about all the work that you’ve got stored up that needs to be done? Poor health can also force delegation of more critical tasks – and that can cause additional concern if you don’t have the utmost confidence that the work will be undertaken efficiently and effectively in your absence.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in the dramatic arts – I’ve been involved with local theatre companies for 30 years now, and I recently directed Southampton Operatic Society’s production of Chess. Show week was the first week of February….. so getting ill the week before wasn’t the best timing.

The show went into the Nuffield Theatre on the Sunday, with opening night the following Tuesday. But early on Saturday, I knew I wouldn’t be well enough to be there to oversee the get-in (where all the major pieces of the show come together before the final rehearsal).

I had no choice but to rest….

…and so I called the stage manager to let her know the bad news.

I needn’t have worried.

By the time I did arrive at the theatre on Sunday evening, dosed up to the eyeballs with painkillers, everything was progressing as it should be, and with a smooth technical a dress rehearsal, the company went on to enjoy a fantastic week, with excellent reviews.

The point of this is that I had a very supportive team around me who I could fall back on when I wasn’t well enough to carry on. People who I had spent time with, developing relationships based on Trust, and clearly communicating my vision of the show, so we were all focused on achieving the same polished show.

In business, having trusted advisors around you can make a huge difference in ensuring your business develops in the right direction and at the right speed – so long as you have been clear to them about where you want the business to go. Communicate your business goal as clearly as possible to your team, such that if anyone else asked any member of your team what the goal was, they would always get the same answer. Then work on building the trust between them – the more they trust you and each other, the more efficient and resilient they will be in times of crisis.

Oh, and remember to look after your health….

… you cannot inoculate yourself against every illness, but you can at least do your best to maintain good health to hopefully prevent catching something nasty!

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Simple – you will be better off with me as your Coach than you are without me.

I expect and encourage you to achieve more than you think possible, you will love me some days and hate me the next. I will take away your excuses and replace them with achievement; and on the way we’ll have more fun than should be allowed in Business…

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