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Don’t make this mistake, unless you want to lose your customers…



You may have seen on Social Media recently a dress, the colour of which was hotly debated. Some saw it as blue and black, others saw it as white and gold.  In fact I was lucky enough to see the colour of it change in the split second I scrolled up and down my newsfeed.

Now the reason behind why the dress was seen differently has been more than covered elsewhere on the internet, so you won’t find it in this post, (mouse here if you want to know) however, what is important about the debate is that people’s perception of the colour was different – Indeed 2 people, in the same room, looking at the same photo, at the same time, could easily perceive the colours differently.

Perhaps the greatest lesson we can take from the blue black / white gold dress debate is that our brains can perceive things differently depending on our environment.

Einstein JPEG

Changing Faces – Move toward/away from the image in order to see the transformation.

Perception is a funny concept. The psychological definition is: a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.

And it is, of course, entirely plausible that we perceive lots of things slightly differently. And in business, this is something we should take extremely seriously.

When I start working with a new client, I give them a commitment sheet – a document which makes a number of statements to which I commit to as part of our ongoing coaching relationship.

One of those statements is this:

Your Perception of my performance is always the reality

This is probably the statement that I rate above all the others on the sheet – My job is to help  my clients get fantastic results (whatever that means for them), and I make sure that happens. And my clients love me for that…

…but I have to remember that it doesn’t matter whether or not I think they are getting fantastic results. It matters what THEY think.

Their perception of my performance is always the reality.

If I think they are doing well, and praise them as such, then that is OK, but if, at the same time, their PERCEPTION is that they aren’t doing well, then THEIR perception is the reality, not mine.

All too frequently in business, people think that the service they provide their customers is above average. Sadly, as a nation, we have come to accept poor service as the norm. But is it OUR perception of the service we RECEIVE that counts, not the business’s perception of the service they provide.

To get it ‘right’ for the customer, we need to regularly check with our customers that we are doing so – and not by asking the age-old question “is everything OK?”  Customers don’t give you any useful feedback to that question!  

Rather, we need to ask them things like “What could we have done better to enhance your experience of our service?” or “Was the service you received today better than your expectation?” The important thing is that you do ask for this constructive feedback – and most importantly, you act on it swiftly.

If you can give service above the expectations of your customers, not only will they will come back time and time again, but they will always tell others what great service they receive from your company, so you will have a ready supply of new customers whose new perceptions you will need to carefully manage.

If you want to know more about how you can get more customers, and how you can deliver awesome customer service, then get in touch…

But why should you contact me…?

Simple – you will be better off with me as your Coach than you are without me.

I will expect and encourage you to achieve more than you think possible, you will love me some days and hate me the next. I will take away your excuses and replace them with achievement; and on the way we’ll have more fun than should be allowed in Business…

So, if you think you’re ready – drop me an Email…

If you think you’re not – then it makes no difference what you do…

A face or a liar?……


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