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Last weekend was a huge rugby fest in my household. The final day of the 2015 RBS 6 Nations took place, and proved to be one of the best days of rugby in a long time.  Then on Sunday, my 7 year old son played in the local U8 rugby tournament against 20 other teams, and his team came home with the tournament shield, having played 7 fantastic games of ‘tag’ rugby.  Let’s just say I was a very proud Daddy when he got home with his medal!

But back to the 6 Nations. 

Super Saturday, as it’s known as, proved to be compelling viewing for households all across the UK. But let’s just summarise with some numbers:

221 points scored on the day – a third of all the points scored across the tournament

27 Tries scored on the day

3 tries in 11 minutes scored by George North (Wales)

4 tries scored against Scotland by Ireland – more tries in total than in their previous 4 matches!

61 points – Wales’ best ever win against Italy

+30 points – Ireland equalling their biggest margin against Scotland

55 points – England’s best ever win against France

Impressive numbers, you’ll agree, but what was the cause of such an incredible “Super” Saturday?

Going into the final day, the title could have been taken by one of 4 teams (although France would have needed Ireland and Wales to have lost, as well as beating England to stand a chance).  England, Wales, Ireland had each won 3 games and lost 1…. So the winner would undoubtedly be decided by the point’s difference. And there was just 25 points separating the top teams.

So it was all up for grabs.   Rugby trophy 

And that resulted in some of the most passionate rugby being played. And the overall result wasn’t decided until the very last minute of the last game…  The nation was kept on the edge of its seat.

In business, getting your teams to play with as much passion and commitment as those rugby players might seem a pipe dream, however it is possible – with some careful planning.

Have you ever noticed that you get a significate amount of work done in the week immediately prior to going away on holiday?  There is no secret here.  Having a finite deadline is a massive motivator to achieving. The rugby players had a finite deadline….    And the goal was clear….  To win wasn’t enough….  England needed a 26 point margin over France. 

Having a clearly communicated goal with a specific deadline is imperative to getting the best from your team.  All too frequently in business, the goal isn’t communicated clearly enough, and the deadline isn’t specific enough, so the team’s productivity is, at best, average. 

With one of my clients we wanted to increase productivity for the next quarter. The company tracked the number of instructions they got from clients each quarter. The directors estimated that the team should be going for 60 instructions for the quarter, until I challenged them.

I asked how many they thought they could do if the team pushed harder, and they thought 70 would be a good number.  So they set 70 as the target.

As the weeks passed away, we reminded the team about the 70 instructions, giving clear communication, and tracking the numbers on both a daily and weekly basis.

And as we got closer to the end of the quarter, the team could see that the target was more than possible, and we kept motivating them to achieve the best they could.

The final figure for the quarter was 81…. A full 16 instructions more than their first target (almost 25% more).  Would the team have achieve this if we didn’t stretch them?  I doubt it!

I always recommend yourself to achieve more, but accept your best effort, even if you fall short.  My clients are often surprised by how much more then can achieve with a little motivation and encouragement.

Oh, and if you want to see what motivation and encouragement can really do, this video is well worth watching  Click Here

If you are wondering what a difference some motivation and encouragement could do for your business, then we should meet for a coffee.

Email me :, or phone : 01962 670200 and let’s get a hour in the diary. You’ll soon know if coaching would work for you, and the value it could bring to your business.

And if you aren’t wondering about the difference….   Well no doubt you’ve just had your own Super Saturday (or Friday, or Thursday…)

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