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Here is a guaranteed cash generating marketing machine…



… OK there is no such thing…  however, with the right checks and measures in place, you can achieve something quite close.


But first you must STOP wasting money on non-effective marketing – and that means correctly testing and measuring the effectiveness of what you are currently doing.

It still surprises me the number of business owners who don’t know how effective their current marketing is.  So it is vital to ask new customers which marketing route they took to get to you.

Traditional marketing methods are becoming less and less effective in the current marketplace, and most businesses are poorly educated about how to approach their marketing. The ‘interruption’ style of marketing simply isn’t working in the informational rich environment in which we now find ourselves. And Why? Simply because when people make the decision to buy something, they have the means to research exactly what they want, when they want it.

The key therefore is to make sure that when they DO want to make a purchase that you can supply, that YOU are at the forefront of their mind. 

And to do that well, you need to begin interacting with your potential customers now. 

So how can you interact effectively?

Well firstly you need to be specific about who you are targeting to interact with.  And the more specific, the better.

Interacting with potential customer’s works far better the more you can tailor your communications to their wants and needs. So write a list of all the attributes of the customers you want to attract – age range, geographical location, likely hobbies, typical shopping habits, where they might work etc.  Think about what they do, and where you can find them in the highest numbers.


Start engaging with them

With more and more people making the use of Smartphone technology, you need to ensure your interactions are smartphone friendly.  

Communicating via email is OK, but you must engage using various social media platforms as well. Just make sure you have created an irresistible offer for your audience, and give them great value. People will spot a blatant sales approach, so make sure your content is about THEM and THEIR issues. Take them on a journey through a series of interactions, and you will begin to build relationships with them. And test and measure different approaches to determine which works best.

But it doesn’t stop there…

With a constantly changing marketplace, you need to continually measure the effectiveness of your interactions, and over time you will begin to get better and better results.

So back to the Cash Generating Marketing Machine…

If you really want to get one of these working for you, follow these simple steps:

Determine who your target really is

Determine where you can find your target in the highest quantities

Begin interacting with your targets, taking them on a ‘journey’ and providing them with great value

When the time is right, you will be at the forefront of their mind – so be ready to serve them!

Would you like a free copy of the bestselling book “Buying Customers” by ActionCOACH Founder Brad Sugars?  

Buying customers

By following the proven strategies contained in the book, you’ll discover more ‘secrets’ of how to turn your business into a “Customer Buying Machine”.

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