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So this is what makes the British angrier, more than anything else….



According to one of the TV programmes aired last week, there was a survey done to find out what makes the British public angry. And the number one answer….

Call Centres, Queue jumping, Lateness, Automated telephone systems, Fuel prices, Katie Hopkins – all these featured somewhere in the list of things that make us angry, but at the top of the list was….

Jobsworth employees

I’m almost certain that, at some point, you have encountered the Jobsworth employee, characterised by the ‘couldn’t care less who you are or what you want’ attitude, seemingly operating only according to the rules, and totally inflexible to any situation…. And of no help, or use to you at all!

Now obviously YOU aren’t one of these people.

But why do they exist? And what can be done to minimise the chances of either becoming one, or having one in your company?

Typically jobsworth’s exist because of poor attitude and poor systems. Whilst it is very difficult to teach people how to have a good attitude, it is possible to create an environment in which people feel positive about themselves, their work and their effect on others. However if the working atmosphere is somewhat toxic, then the attitudes of the people working in it will suffer likewise.

So what makes a positive atmosphere?

Be positiveMusic, colour, plants, and healthy competition can all have an impact on the working environment, but overwhelmingly it comes down to the personal choices made by the individual – and although they will blame circumstances and make excuses, they choose to have a bad attitude. Such people aren’t good to have around, and may need help finding alternative employment.

What about the systems?

When people have simple systems to follow, it makes their work easy… but beware, there needs to be an element of flexibility, or else there is a risk that people will refuse to flex the system when circumstances dictate.

A good phrase to help people work out when to flex the systems, and when not is:

“Systemise the Routine, Humanise the exception”

If circumstances are fairly normal, then follow the system – it has probably been used successfully in similar situations, so it should work now.

However if circumstances are NOT normal, best discretion would apply as the system may need to be modified to suit those conditions.

Of course having good systems is only part of the solution. People MUST be trained effectively to make use of the systems – and trained about when to systemise the routine, and when to humanise the exception. Nothing can substitute for regular training to help people become more effective, and productive

With good systems, and well trained staff, you can easily avoid adding to the nation’s grumbles.

If you’d like to know more about how to improve the effectiveness of your team, then get in touch.

Why should you contact me…?

Simple – you will be better off with me as your Coach than you are without me.

I will expect and encourage you and your team to achieve more than you think possible, you’ll love me some days and hate me the next. I will take away the excuses and replace them with achievement; and on the way we’ll have more fun than should be allowed in Business…

So, if you think you’re ready – drop me an Email…

If you think you’re not – then it makes no difference what you do…!

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