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Shhh! Don’t tell anyone…. Here’s the secret to Sales success…

Knowledge is PowerIn fact – it’s not just the secret to success in Sales, but also in finance, marketing…  in Business.

But you may not be ready to discover this secret.

Since most people who start businesses are Doers, they are usually very knowledgeable about their product or service – and this is vital to success.

However running a successful business requires more than a good knowledge of your product or service.

Too many business owners fall into the trap of ‘HOPE’.

For example – they know they need to find some new customers, and to do that requires some marketing….  But since they have little experience of marketing, they design their own advert and place it into the local magazine and HOPE that it people call…

But, of course, they don’t…

So the business owner tries a social media campaign…. And still nothing

So they send out a few letters… nothing

OK – so maybe one response off the back of all this effort, but the owner had HOPED for much better – after all, they had put a lot of effort in to create the marketing material, and yet only one person responded.

HOPE is a really poor business strategy – and rarely, if ever, generates results.

So back to the secret to success…

In his book “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, Chet Holmes  says “The secret to building an excellent sales team (or team of any kind) is…”

(are you ready?)

“…repeating core training on basic sales skills again and again and again”

In his Party Conference speech in October 1996 Tony Blair set out his 3 priorities for government  as “Education, Education, Education”.

Whether you are a fan of Tony Blair or not, it is hard to fault these as priorities. Better education ALWAYS leads to better results.  Yet on leaving full time education, many people think their days of education are over.

But they have only just begun!

As humans we have no limit on the amount we can learn. And the more we learn, the more knowledgeable we become, and the more success we can enjoy.

By learning how to set up and test and measure a marketing campaign, the business owner would have experienced far greater success – and the element of HOPE turns into CONFIDENCE.

But it does take continued learning, and practicing the basic skills over and over again.

My son is currently learning how to tie his shoelaces…

And we all know the process…  Watch someone else and get their experience. Try to copy them (and ask for their help if it goes wrong) and then practice, practice, practice until such time as the process becomes automatic – learnt by the subconscious to run whenever we need it to.

Success in business is no more complicated than learning how someone else became successful, doing your best to copy them, asking for their help and then practice, practice, practice!

If you’d like to learn more about how to increase the success you are getting from your business, then get yourself booked onto one of my free seminars. You can find out when the next one is by emailing me –, or calling my office – 01962 670200.

Why should you contact me…?

Simple – you will be better off with me as your Coach than you are without me.

I will expect and encourage you to achieve more than you think possible, you will love me some days and hate me the next. I will take away your excuses and replace them with achievement; and on the way we’ll have more fun than should be allowed in Business…

So, if you think you’re ready – drop me an Email…

If you think you’re not – then it makes no difference what you do…

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