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Now you cannot deny that this is a very sensible thing to do



I’m guessing that no one ever wants to breakdown. However we accept that from time to time breaking down in our car is more or less inevitable. Sooner or later something will happen that will probably cause you to breakdown. So what we do is mitigate our chances of breaking down by ensuring our car is in the best possible condition when we are driving it. Logically we all know that getting a regular service on the car and having the annual MOT is a really good thing even though it costs money and we don’t immediately see the benefits.

We logically know that by getting these things done, the chances of us breaking down are actually minimised which can only be a good

I took my car in this morning for its annual service and MOT – OK it isn’t brilliant timing, and I’m slightly worried about a couple of things, but I know that by having the service and MOT done it will give me more trouble free motoring in the months ahead and that can only be a sensible thing to do.

Of course, yes, there is a cost to having the service – I’m stuck in the office this morning without the use of my car, and there’ll be an invoice to pay at the end of the day. The price I pay is for the experience of the mechanics who will make sure my car is in the best condition possible and who will look over my car at things I simply don’t know anything about, and advise me about what work needs doing urgently, or what I should be carefully watching in the months ahead as I continue to drive around.

They will also give me the confidence that when I get in my car, its going to work for me, and I’m less likely to breakdown and waste even more time.

Of course the MOT is a legal requirement of cars over 3 years old – every car over 3 years must have a regular MOT in order to enable you to tax your vehicle and to validate your insurance. What’s more, the police are now able to immediately check any car against the MOT database to tell if it has had an MOT test. 

And you have to admit that having an annual check-up is a very sensible thing to do.

Going to see your doctor once a year for an annual health check-up, particularly as you get older, is a good thing. Checking to see that everything is working as it should. Hopefully any more serious issues are caught early enough that they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

But what about on our business?

You see getting an annual service on your business can only be a good thing in the same way that an annual health check-up on your body or MOT on your car helps you to keep those things is peak condition. Logically it makes sense. Having someone with experience come and look over our business for things we might not see for ourselves, and help us find those early warning signs that, if dealt with quickly, ensure that our business is in peak condition and will continue to give us trouble free operation in the months ahead.

Oh and the best thing is – if you use the right expert, the check-up won’t even cost you anything. After all, the diagnosis with a Doctor is free….

If you would like to ensure your business is in the best possible shape for the coming year, then book yourself a Business check-up.  All my clients get an annual check-up, and I will do the same for you. There is no cost or obligation – just your time involved.

Call me now on 07788 593683 to book your business in, or email me at

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