About Roger Lamb…

Roger Lamb is a new breed of Business Coach. Having achieved success in two different industries, he has now brought these together to help local businesses achieve the things they have always dreamed of.

He has partnered himself with the worlds #1 Business Coaching organisation ActionCOACH, and has been adding his individuality and expertise to a proven framework.

Here are 9 things you really must know about Roger:

  1. Trained as a Charted Accountant, Roger really understands the financial language of business, and can simplify seemingly complex numbers. He has advised companies from start-ups through to multi million pound international operations and his experience covers many industries including wholesale, retail, service, recruitment, printing, and marketing.
  2. He is an expert in Communication skills – and can teach you the secrets of reading other people so you can better understand what they are really thinking. (Roger is a Master NLP Practitioner)
  3. Roger’s passion is in helping others to positively change their lives. He has set a goal of helping 74 people become millionaires within the next 10 years.
  4. Roger has a track record of accelerating revenue and profits. His exceptional results come through his skill in coaching and mentoring, to empower individuals and teams, to aim higher and achieve more. People who have worked with Roger speak of him as an excellent team leader who is inclusive and creative, giving people confidence and motivation, who has great integrity and inspires total loyalty.
  5. Roger’s client results include:
    1. An 86% increase in revenue over 9 months, with more profit in one month than realised  in the entire previous year
    1. Reduction in hours worked by 31%, despite an increase in turnover of 31%
    2. Implementation of business systems to rescue a business from almost certain closure, so it can now operate profitably.
    1. 317% increase in profit for a business who didn’t even want more profit
  6. Roger is high skilled in Strategic planning and execution of plans at all levels in an organisation. He has written business plans for business take-overs, business start ups, employee engagements and management buy-outs.
  7. Not only can Roger help with the financial side of a business, he can also help with Sales, Marketing, Administration, Recruitment, Advertising, PR, Understanding your Team members, Customer service… In fact he has over 4,000 different strategies at his fingertips to help you improve your business.
  8. Roger has been involved in Theatre for over 30 years, appearing in musicals, pantomimes, comedies and Shakespeare. His favourite role to date is playing the candlestick, Lumiere, in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, performing the classic “Be Our Guest” show tune.
  9. Roger is father to 3 boys: Christopher, and twins Stefan and Rowan.


Being a business owner himself, Roger understands the pressures, challenges and pleasures associated with being your own boss. Becoming a Coach gave him the opportunity to help other business owners and entrepreneurs get amazing results….

He has had years of helping companies develop and improve their profitability, implementing sales and marketing strategies, and building effective teams – experience  he can draw on for you as a client. Roger says it doesn’t matter what size your business is, or where it’s located, the principles of growing a successful business are the same.

From experience in his own Business, he knows how lonely it can be running a company, and how difficult it is to be truly successful.  He has experienced severe cash flow challenges, unproductive team members, and unfavourable market conditions. Essentially, whatever you are going through, Roger knows how to guide you through it.

ActionCOACH, as a company, are not consultants.  Whatever Roger teaches you or shows you how to do, will have been implemented not only into our business but thousands of other businesses around the world.

Roger is there to help you, push you and teach you to become the business person you want to be, and to make your business into the successful operation you dreamt of when you started it.  Your knowledge of your business, coupled with his experience and the wealth of knowledge in the Action system of sales and marketing, team building, customer service, systems and business development make a fabulous team to achieve your success.

When you are sure you are ready to embark upon a journey to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle – achieving the ambitions and dreams you went into business for in the first place – it’s time to get into ACTION. Call Roger now to arrange a free initial meeting and together you’ll explore the possibilities for you and your business.