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I like to ask people how they spell “LOVE”. When they look at me in a strange ‘did you really just ask me that… Read more

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I’m hoping that you, like me, had a fantastic Christmas (even if it is now a fast fading memory). I took an extended break… Read more


I’ve noticed that the 3 biggest challenges faced by Business Owners are: Lack of Time Lack of Money Lack of an effective Team Imagine… Read more

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One of my main challenges as a coach is to make efficient use of my time – and I confess I’m not the world’s… Read more

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Here are 5 business mistakes to avoid (now more than ever): 1. Ignore your customers. If you neglect your customers, someone else will be… Read more

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So here we are – 2013 has arrived, and with it comes renewed energy and enthusiasm, and for many, a vision of how it… Read more


Consider these: To understand the value of a year, talk to a student who has failed an important exam. To understand the value of… Read more

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I stumbled across Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF” the other day. Reading through I realised that, in common with so much, I only really knew… Read more